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Public Works Public Works: Commissioner Matthew Ruzzo, Director

The Lyndhurst Department of Public Works is currently under the direction of Commissioner Matthew T. Ruzzo. The department is managed by a superintendent and consists of 19 full time employees, 4 of which are clerical. The DPW consists of 4 departments; water, sewer, road and shade tree. The township's engineering, recycling, and solid waste collection and disposal also fall under the Public Works. The DPW office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 4:30PM. The Public Works has two employees on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which covers from 4:00PM to 7:30AM. Under this, residents can call our Police Department's non-emergency number at 201-939-2900 to report a water or sewer problem. Anything from a leaking water meter, sewer backup, or water main break, our employees will work to alleviate the issue immediately.

Under the DPW, we own the infrastructure and water utility. The water is purchased in bulk by Passaic Valley Water Commission. The Township of Lyndhurst purchases between 900 and 950 million gallons of water yearly. The Water Department owns, operates, and maintains approximately 45 miles of distribution mains, 5,700 physical service connections, 1,000 main line valves, and 480 fire hydrants. Under the Water Department, yearly maintenance includes fire hydrant flushing in October and main line valve exercising during March and April. Throughout the year, the Water Department does extensive water quality testing as required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). The testing meets all health and safety standards set by these two agencies.

The Sewer Department is responsible for maintaining sewer mains, catch basins, manholes, and sewer laterals. The township has a total of 990 catch basins; of which 180 are Bergen County's, and 45 are the State of New Jersey's. There are 67 outfalls which help drainage to the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers. Within the town, we have a total of 3 sanitary pump stations and 1 storm water pump station. The sanitary pump stations that are located in the meadowlands, pump the sewerage to the joint station shared with North Arlington. All solids flow to Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission where it is properly treated. Pump station #1, located on Riverside Avenue, handles the western end of the township. All remaining, is gravity fed to the main sewer trunk on Riverside Avenue. All of these pump stations have been reconstructed and completed in 2013. All stations are now backup generated for any power outages. The storm water pump station #4, located at Tontine Avenue & Riverside Avenue, has been elevated, backup generated, and could pump out 36,000 gallons per minute, when needed. This will help alleviate any flooding due to heavy rain.

The Road Department works daily to maintain numerous things throughout the township's road. The street sweeper does a daily route and works to keep the streets clean and free of any debris. It also does a night route once a week, which cleans the main roads. Under this department, employees also repair the roads, sidewalks and curbs, seasonally. They are also responsible to keep up with the street signs. During the winter months, the streets are plowed and salted according to the weather.

The Township's Shade Tree Department trims, plants, removes, and stumps trees. On average, the department plants 75-100 trees per year. Planting could occur in the spring and/or fall. Trees to be planted in the tree belt area are specifically selected for our environment and it's tolerance to our 4 seasons. The October Glory Maple has proved to uphold greatly throughout the township where they have been planted.

The recycling in Lyndhurst is picked up curbside weekly. This includes bottles and cans, and cardboard and paper. Seasonally (April 1st to December 31st) grass, leaves, and yard waste are also picked up. The Recycling Department also picks up appliances, electronics, concrete, and metal. Feel free to call our office at 201-438-5478 any time to schedule a pickup or request a work order to be made for a water, sewer, road, or shade tree inquiry.

Road Improvement Project 2016/2017

The Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, Matthew T. Ruzzo, is pictured with Officer James Goral on the 500 block of Chase Avenue, during the beginning of the road improvement project of 2016/2017.  The paving is being completed by Smith-Sondy Construction.

2016 DPW Projects

Commissioner Matthew T. Ruzzo of the Department of Public Works, has announced that there are two projects that will take place this year for road and water utility construction. 

The first project includes sidewalk/curb repairs, new handicapped accessible ramps, new catch basins, and the paving of the following streets: Sanford Ave, Tenth St., Wilson Ave, Chase Ave, and Thomas Ave. 

The second project will be the replacing of water mains, water service lines and new fire hydrants.  This includes the following streets: Warren St., New York Ave, and Newark Ave.  The paving of these three streets will take place in the Spring/Summer of 2017.

The Department of Public Works appreciates your continued patience as we move forward to improve our streets and utilities. 

Update on Phase 1 of the DPW’s Roadway Improvement Project

Lyndhurst residents may have begun to feel some smoother roadways and seen some roadside improvements, all part of Phase One of Public Works Department’s Roadway Improvement Project.

“The crews have been extremely busy making improvements, and not just cosmetic, quick fixes,” said Public Works Commissioner Matthew Ruzzo.  “We are resurfacing but in areas where roads need to be reconstructed, we are doing that too.  Our efforts are for long-lasting results, rather than just simply putting on a two-inch overlay, these improvements should last 25 years or more.”

In additional to resurfacing and reconstruction where necessary, the project also includes new handicapped accessible ramps at each intersection created in strict compliance with Department of Transportation, Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

“Curbs are being replaced as needed as well as storm water retention basins, sidewalks and driveway aprons,” said Ruzzo.  “And of course new road striping and we’ll be planting new trees along the way.”

The commissioner added that the project, which began around July 6, is expected to finish up by mid-October with Phase 2 set to begin in the spring of 2016.

Ruzzo explained that many township roads were in need of attention due to water main and gas line work, and others simply due to age.

“Upgrading and maintaining our infrastructure such as our roadways, water lines and sewer lines is essential to the growth and well-being of our community,” said Ruzzo.

Phase One of the DPW Roadway Improvement Project is expected to include:

•    Chase, between Valley Brook and Fern
•    New York, between Summit and Ridge
•    New Jersey, between Newark and Millburn
•    Lake, between Stuyvesant and Riverside
•    Jay, between Tontine and Lake


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