RFQ: Planning Board Attorney


The Township of Lyndhurst is soliciting Qualification Statements from interested persons and/or firms for the provision of the professional service listed below.  Through a Request for Qualification (“RFQ”) process, persons and/or firms interested in assisting the Township with the provision of such service must prepare and submit a Qualification Statement in accordance with the procedure and schedule in the RFQs.  The Township will review Qualification Statements only from those firms that submit a Qualification Statement which includes all the information required to be included as described (in the sole judgment of the Township).  The Township intends to qualify (a) persons and/or firm that (a) possess the professional, financial and administrative capabilities to provide the proposed service, and (b) agree and meet the terms and conditions determined by the Township that provide the greatest benefit to the taxpayers of Lyndhurst.

The professional service for which the Township seeks Qualification Statements is:

Planning Board Attorney

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